General Election: ask your candidates about Palestine and Israel!

We’re only four weeks away from the general election on May 7 and they’re going to be the most important weeks of all!

Your candidates will be doing everything they can to be ‘seen’ around your local community between now and the general election. They’ll probably have stalls in the town centre, be knocking on doors, holding coffee mornings and attending local election debates (called hustings). That means there should still be lots of opportunities to ask them questions on the issues you care about.

If you’d like to ask or email your candidate about the conflict in Israel and Palestine, we’ve put up some simple, quick questions you can use on our website here. The questions are on two of the biggest issues that have been raised recently – Palestinian membership of the International Criminal Court and UK recognition of the state of Palestine.

We’ve also put on our website links to some of the election resources our programme’s partners have produced, including how to search for a hustings in your area or contact your candidates, and facts and figures about the different parties vying for your vote.

We hope you find these resources helpful and that you feel able to ask your candidate a question or two. If elected, your candidate will go on to help change government policy in the 2015-2020 parliament so it’s vital they hear your views and know what issues are important to their constituents. This is one way we can all do our part to help make a difference and bring about a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

Polling day photo