Arrest in green pastures

EA Elaine and her team report on the reality of life under military occupation for Palestinian shepherds in the South Hebron Hills.

This blog was originally posted on the EAPPI International blogsite.

by the South Hebron Hills Team, 

The South Hebron Hills, located in the south of the West Bank in Palestine, is a beautiful area, especially in spring. The soft rolling hills are covered with fresh green grass, carpets of yellow flowers and sprinkled with limestone. At this time of year after a long winter, the shepherds bring their flocks of sheep and goats out from their farms to graze on their lands. This seemingly idyllic setting is stunning but does not paint the whole picture because it is also scattered with illegal Israeli settlements, outposts and military bases.

UNOCHA MAP A-map with sign from Unocha Map OCHA oPt 2016                                                                                            …

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