Hebron: A Weekend of Occupation

A Photoblog by EA Jamie

The city of Hebron, like the rest of Palestine, has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967. This occupation is characterised by its restriction of movement for Palestinians (as explained in a previous blog post) by Israeli settlers living in Palestinian land and houses (see ‘Welcome to Ghost Town’) and by the Israeli military making its presence felt in various ways. On a weekend trip to Hebron, I get a snapshot of what effect the occupation is having on the people living there.

Friday clashes

On Fridays, the normal bustle of Hebron is muted as people in this predominantly Muslim city go to pray. However, in the area near one of the Israeli checkpoints, there are usually clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers. This Friday is no different, with Palestinians burning tyres and throwing stones and Israeli soldiers firing sound bombs, tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets.

Military protection for Saturday morning prayers

On Saturday mornings, the route between the Israeli settlements of Kiryat Arba and Giv’at Haavot at the edge of Hebron, and the Cave of the Patriarchs synagogue in the centre, has a large military presence to protect Jewish settlers going to pray. This route goes through Palestinian areas, and there are sometimes violent clashes between soldiers and Palestinians. But this morning is peaceful.

Saturday settlers tour

Israeli settlers tour the souq with a contingent of Israeli soldiers
Every Saturday, Israeli settlers and their guests tour the souq (market), accompanied by a group of Israeli soldiers. The settlers sometimes damage products in the shops, with the Palestinian owners receiving no compensation or access to justice. But on this occasion there is no violence.

Military Incursion into the Old City

Israeli soldiers often enter Palestinian areas to arrest Palestinians, or simply patrol the area. We happen to see a group of soldiers, who are apparently investigating the alleged throwing of rice from a rooftop. They force their way into a Palestinian building and question some of the locals, before returning to their base.

Sunday shrine visit

Every few months, Israeli settlers visit the tomb of Othniel, a Biblical figure, which is in a Palestinian area of Hebron. For this visit, the Israeli military closes off part of the city to Palestinians, forcibly removing people from the area. They reopen the area several hours later.

Take action

Write to your elected representatives to raise your concerns about the Israeli occupation of Hebron, and ask them to take action.