An Israeli chemical factory on a Palestinian organic farm: Fayez’s story

By EA Mary

In this video blog, EA Mary meets Fayez and hears about his life on his sustainable, organic farm in the Northern West Bank. Surrounded by the separation barrier and overlooked by a dangerous Israeli chemical factory, Fayez shares the many challenges of life on this land.

Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank have little means to environmental justice. According to Israeli human rights NGO, B’Tselem, “abusing its status as an occupying power and the fact that Palestinians have no say in the decision-making process… Israel transfers to the West Bank various types of waste: sewage sludge, infectious medical waste, used oils, solvents, metals, electronic waste and batteries, to name but a few.”

Furthermore, “Israeli courts offer limited, if any, avenues for justice or remedies for environmental violations” (Al Haq, Palestinian human rights NGO).

Take Action!

Read more about environmental injustice in Palestine in this report by B’Tselem.

Learn more about the two tier legal system that governs Israelis and Palestinians by visiting the website of Yesh Din, an Israeli NGO that supports Palestinians to challenge injustice through the Israeli courts.

Send a copy of this video to your elected representatives. Ask them to raise the issue of environmental injustice in the West Bank in parliament.