“They can do what they want”: No protection for Palestinians

By EA John.

Tariq* and his father Obaid* were woken by loud banging on the door and bright lights just after midnight. 15 Israeli Border Police and two ordinary police were outside. They stated that some agricultural tools had been stolen from a nearby Israeli settlement two weeks earlier. Tariq protested that there was no evidence provided by the police for this claim and no search warrant. The police response, said Tariq, was to take his camera and phone and physically abuse him. Tariq tells us that the police told him ‘they can do what they want’. Obaid and a neighbour were arrested on suspicion of stealing the tools. They were taken to a nearby Israeli police post, and were released only after paying ₪500 (about £120) each, and promising to return to court to answer the charges in 2020.

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