Khirbet a-Duqaiqah: a hard life on the Green Line

By EA Penny

At the end of a bone-shaking, car-crunching road between two Israeli military firing zones, on the southern edge of the West Bank, you will find the Palestinian Bedouin village of Khirbet a-Duqaiqah. The land is beautiful but barren and harsh, at the edge of the Negev desert. Life is tough but the local Bedouin people are accustomed to hard work, in challenging conditions. As shepherds of goats, sheep and camels, a nomadic lifestyle is in their blood. So too is a love of their land – Bedouin people have inhabited this area for several hundred years. The villagers have documents from both Ottoman and British Mandate times proving ownership, although some now have refugee status since part of their land is now in Israel on the other side of the Green Line.

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