Noura’s story: “We all live in prisons, this is our life”

By EA Michael.

It was the day of Firas’ trial when EAPPI first met Noura at the Military Court in Ofer, just outside Ramallah in the West Bank. She had travelled from her home in Hebron during the night with her brother, and had slept in the car outside the court so as to be sure to be there at 6.00 am. They had brought with them ₪2,500 (£550) to pay the lawyer and any fine that their oldest brother, Firas, might have to pay, if he were lucky enough to be released that day. 

In the event, the case wasn’t called in the early morning as anticipated, so the brother and sister had to sit nervously in the hot waiting room, hoping. It is not unusual for cases to be postponed, or cancelled altogether at the eleventh hour. It was Ramadan, so even the small kiosk selling sweets and drinks was closed and once they were through the security checks and gates there was no-one to ask when the trial would begin.

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