We followed his gaze… A drone was flying overhead

By EA John.

Ibrahim* raised his eyes and looked up at the sky. We followed his gaze. A drone was hovering overhead.

Ibrahim had told us earlier that there had been a lot of recent drone activity in his village in the Israeli controlled Area C of the West Bank. Area C, which makes up more than 60 percent of the West Bank, has been under complete Israeli military control since the mid-1990s, and hosts many housing settlements for Israeli citizens, which are illegal under international law.

The settler organisation, Regavim, and the Israeli Civil Administration (the military body governing in the West Bank) had been using drones to survey most of Ibrahim’s small village in the South Hebron Hills, monitoring Palestinian building developments, large and small. Ibrahim informed us that seeing drones was often a prelude to subsequent action by the Israeli military to demolish houses or other buildings and structures – livestock pens, outhouses and schools.

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