Southern West Bank

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The expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, including in Hebron and the areas around Bethlehem, cause particular problems for Palestinians living in the Southern West Bank. Access issues for farmers and herders, the demolition of homes, forceful eviction of families and settler violence are some of the many issues that occur as a result of these expansions.  In Hebron – where illegal Israeli settlements in the centre of the city cause particular problems – EAs work with UNICEF to accompany young children as they pass through military checkpoints and face high levels of settler harassment while walking to and home from school.

Israeli military incursions and arrest raids are another common problem for Palestinians in the Southern West Bank.

EAs work alongside a number of Israeli and Palestinian peace groups to monitor and report on all of these issues.

EAs serving in the Southern West Bank cover the whole of the Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates.